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Academic Departments

English Department

The department operates under the philosophy that every Preston student should be made aware of the human condition and should develop the ability to make positive moral choices through exposure to great literature. In that discovery process, our students are encouraged to listen, think, speak, and write critically about important issues raised by literature.


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Fine & Technical Arts Department

Preston High School’s Fine and Technical Arts Department comprises a unique combination of classes that cross the creative and technical spectrum.

The Visual Arts curriculum aims to bring out the artist within each student. The expression of individuality and creativity is encouraged in each class. Connections to Art History are fostered. Students gain competency in drawing from observation, in rendering form and texture through line, through modeling and the use of color in a variety of media. Junior and senior artists are expected to be self-motivated to create their best art within a structured environment. Senior artists are offered the opportunity for Advanced Placement in Studio Art with the goal of obtaining college credit and creating a college level portfolio to be used for college admissions.



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History Department

The History Department encourages our students to be aware of multi-cultural, religious, social, ethnic, and global concerns. With this in mind, we work toward facilitating an appreciation among our students for cultures different from their own and toward generating the understanding that the world is a “global community.”



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Languages other than English (LOTE) Department

We in the LOTE Department believe that language is the basis of human relationship and communication. Multi-lingualism is essential in an ever-changing, global society, and it opens the door to opportunities that otherwise would be nonexistent. We also believe that proficiency in a foreign language demands the ability to communicate purposefully, while appreciating contemporary and classical cultures in an intercultural population.



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Mathematics Department

We are devoted to creating and maintaining an atmosphere of learning that fosters in our students a sense of confidence based on competence. We challenge our students with a program designed to foster problem solving, mathematical reasoning, and self-esteem through directed practice, cooperative learning and student-teacher dialogue. We wish to guide students toward academic success and personal awareness of their abilities.



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Physical Education/Health Department

Physical Education is designed to expose the student to various sports and physical activities. These activities will aid in the physical, social, intellectual, and emotional development of each student. Teamwork, sportsmanship, and cooperation are stressed. The Health Education program is consistent with the philosophy and goals of Preston High School. Attention is given to the development of the whole person in relation to self, others, and the environment. The Yoga program at PHS is open to all grade levels as an elective.



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Science Department

The ultimate goal of Preston’s Science Department is forming the scientifically literate person, and science teachers are responsible for starting ALL students along that path. Scientific literacy should continue to develop and grow throughout the life of every Preston student.



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Theology Department

The spiritual and academic goals of our department are complementary and mutually enriching. The underlying principle of all our courses is to give reasons for our faith and to give faith to our reason.



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