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Preston High School is committed to the liberal education of young women. Its program of studies is provided within a nurturing environment where every student is respected for her individual dignity and encouraged to pursue her growth as woman and scholar. At the core of our mission is the practice of compassion, the charism of the Religious of the Divine Compassion, founders and sponsors of the school.

“To see the needs and wants of others and to fill those needs” is the definition of compassion that the school inherits from its patron, Monsignor Preston. As applied to our program of study and personal development, this charism enlivens the educational philosophy of individualization for personal success, happiness, moral behavior (PHS’s motto is “Virtue is a Thousand Shields”) and social responsibility.

Summer School Information

Please consult the attached chart concerning summer school information for remediation of failed courses & regents exams offered in some private schools…Tutoring for some courses & regents exams will also be offered by Preston faculty

Summer School Chart

EDUCERE, a Virtual (on-line) summer school, www.educere.net will be available to Preston students. All courses offered are self-paced and have been approved by Mrs. Chambers, our Dean of Studies. Students can communicate with their Instructor (a NYS certified teacher) by e-mail and/or a toll-free phone #866-433-8237.

Students are also assisted by a Learning Coach (This is NOT a tutor). The Learning Coach is available to assist students, parents & the school with questions, concerns, technical issues, progress reports and final grades. Once a week, grades and progress reports are available. Mrs. Chambers will also have access to students’ progress (x115).

On Monday, June 26th, the students who choose the on-line option will receive a list of courses, registration dates, when the course is to be started & completed, & how the student registers. Students prepping to retake a Regents exam, using Educere, will register for a Walk-In exam in a Summer School, as Educere does not administer Regents exams.

The cost of most courses is:  $195.

As for the public summer schools:

1.Due to construction taking place at the Lehman High School campus this summer, remediation will not be offered at Lehman. Please note, your daughter is invited to register at another NYC Public School, the Christopher Columbus and the DeWitt Clinton campuses have been suggested to us as the closest public school options. All courses, which have a Regents exam attached to it, will be offered. Therefore, Global 9, English 9 and English 10 will not be offered.

2. Registration for public summer schools will be on Friday, June 30th  AND  classes will start  on Wednesday, July 5th. High school students go to summer school five hours a day, five days per week.

  • It is a New York State Education Dept. requirement that all students retaking the Earth Science Regents Exam in August must retake the Performance Test before taking the exam. Therefore, please check with the summer school (private or public) where the student is taking the exam, to find out the day and time they have scheduled the Performance Test. The student’s Performance Test grade from June cannot be used in August.


On Monday, June 26th, students who have a “debt(s)” to clear AND/OR have failed a course or Regents exam must report to their assigned room at the assigned time.

Good News! Students who have no “debts” and no failures may obtain their Report Card on-line and do not have to come to school on the 26th.

On the 26th, counselors and teachers will give students the necessary information for registration in the summer schools, including the list of courses for Educere.  Therefore, parents/guardians are not required to accompany the student. 

Please speak to your daughter, prior to the 26th, about which summer remediation you would like her to choose.

Any questions, please call Dominique Labate, x197.