Preston High School is committed to the liberal education of young women. Its program of studies is provided within a nurturing environment where every student is respected for her individual dignity and encouraged to pursue her growth as woman and scholar. At the core of our mission is the practice of compassion, the charism of the Religious of the Divine Compassion, founders and sponsors of the school.

“To see the needs and wants of others and to fill those needs” is the definition of compassion that the school inherits from its patron, Monsignor Preston. As applied to our program of study and personal development, this charism enlivens the educational philosophy of individualization for personal success, happiness, moral behavior (PHS’s motto is “Virtue is a Thousand Shields”) and social responsibility.

Preston High School’s educational program is a good reflection of its mission to empower students to be a compassionate voice in the world - Middle States Report

We believe, based on our mission, that education in an urban setting provides students the opportunity to develop intellectual curiosity and a sense of confidence based on competence. Our educational program enables our students to discover themselves as well as their relationship to others and the world at large, leading to success in the work world and the global community. We also believe that it is our responsibility to create an environment that nourishes value-oriented learning in order to promote community, service and active citizenship. At PHS, students learn not only through their coursework, but also through various activities and projects, that they have an obligation to reach out to others in need.

Our rigorous college preparatory program includes Regents, Honors and Advanced Placement classes in English, Fine & Technical Arts, Mathematics, Science, Computer Technology, Languages Other Than English (LOTE) and History. Some upper-level classes offer both high school and college credit through St. John University’s College Advantage program. Our highly regarded Computer Program offers required and elective courses that range from introductory to advanced levels and includes web design, graphic design, programming, and even computer-assisted musical composition. We offer an accelerated math program for students who have excelled in Algebra during 8th grade. Admission to the Preston Scholars Program is available to highly qualified sophomores and juniors. Seniors are required to complete a year-long, mentored interdisciplinary Independent Study Project in order to graduate. Ultimately, our curriculum is designed to encourage each student to think critically, to communicate effectively, to make learning a lifelong pursuit and to see service to others as essential.

To ensure that all PHS students succeed in their course work, we provide a solid network of academic support for them. Help is provided through one-on-one and small group tutorials, both in person and online. Peer tutoring is also available both informally and from Junior Ambassadors and members of the National Honor Society. Students with documented learning disabilities are offered limited accommodations to help them thrive academically.

The PHS community is close-knit and supportive. Our teachers are dedicated professionals willing to go “the extra mile” for their students. They actively partner with parents and guardians to ensure that each girl’s educational, spiritual and emotional needs are met. PHS graduates have become leaders in their local communities and in such career fields as medicine, education, business, law, government and non-profit service.