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Ordering Books

At Preston we use textbooks funded by NY State whenever possible.  We ask you to purchase books that cannot be purchased with state funds, such as workbooks and Theology materials,  at our online bookstore with the company Adams Online Bookstore

The following are answers to some basic questions you may have about the website.

How should I go about ordering my books?

July 13th you may purchase books for the upcoming school year at www.k12sd.com\school\preston  

Our online bookstore is organized to mirror our course names and numbers.  The Dean of Studies will provide you with your Course Verification List (with course numbers) for the upcoming school year.  With this list in hand, you’ll be able to find the books required for your classes.

(Please note it is possible that a course do not require you to purchase any books.)

How will my books be delivered to me?

Adams Online Bookstore will send directly to your home through UPS.  Please have your books shipped to an address where someone will be home during daytime hours to sign for them. 

Which items am I required to buy

  • Any book that is listed underneath the Required Material(s) heading must be purchased. 
  • Books listed underneath the Recommended Material(s) heading are optional and you are not obligated to purchase them.  Please note that the website automatically defaults to choose to purchase recommended items.  If you do not wish to purchase a recommended item, simply click on the checkmark next to it to “de-select” it.
  • Adams Online Bookstore provides a number of used books at a discounted price.  Please note that the website automatically defaults to choose to purchase used items (if available). If you wish to purchase a new book instead, simply click on the “new” book condition.
  • Adams Online Bookstore offers a rental program for certain books.  If you like, you may rent such books for the course of the school year instead of purchasing them. (At the end of the school year you will be obligated to send the rented book back to Adams Online Bookstore.)

Do I have to purchase my books through Adams Online Bookstore or can I purchase them elsewhere?

Adams Online Bookstore is Preston High School’s official source for textbooks. Adams Online Bookstore partners with our faculty each year to ensure you have access to official booklist, with textbooks from the right authors in the correct editions.

 Visit www.k12sd.com\school\preston   and choose from money-saving used, rental, and digital textbooks. 

 Every order placed through our official online bookstore supports Preston High School and its students.

To whom should I go if I have questions, comments, or concerns about Adams Online Bookstore?

1. You may contact Adams Online Bookstore’s Customer Relations team

  • Toll-free at the number  877-560-2651

2. You may contact Mrs. Chambers – Dean of Studies


The Preston Panther Palace

The Preston Panther Palace, otherwise known as the Bookstore, is located on the ground floor of the mansion and is open in the mornings before school begins and during the lunch periods; other times by request. Preston High School wear, including uniform shirts, P.E. uniforms, pajama pants, PHS logo tee-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, and warm-up suits, etc. are available for purchase. Lockermates, lanyards, Panther Paw magnets, Pink Panther stuffed animals and assorted school supplies are also available. Birthday balloons filled with helium can be purchased here, too.

To order items, simply click here to access an order form. Mail to or drop off the form, along with payment, at the Finance Office. You may also order online by e-mailing your order to bookstore@prestonhs.org. If ordering online, please include your credit card information (MasterCard or Visa) and contact information.

Store Hours
On School Days: M - F 7:30 – 8:00 AM, During X Lunch Period daily and Z Lunch Period on B-D-F-H days
During Summer Months: Upon request. Call 718-863-9134, ext. 127 or ext. 111

Small Plush Pink Panther
With Striped Pajamas

Small Plush Pink Panther

Large Plush Pink Panther

Drawstring Bag
Burgundy Drawstring Gym Bag
with Preston Name and Panther

Preston Paw Magnet
Burgundy & White Paw Print
with PHS across the Paw

PHS Lanyard
Burgundy Lanyard with White
Burgundy & White Paw Print with
PHS across the Paw

Preston High School
Short Sleeve Tee Shirt

Burgundy Shirt with White

Preston High School

Burgundy Sweatpants with
Preston Logo in White

Uniform P.E. Shorts
Burgundy Mesh Shorts with
Preston Logo

Uniform PE Shirt
Grey Shirt with Burgundy

Preston Logo

Preston High School

Sweatshirt with Crew Neck &
Preston Logo in White

Preston High School
Long Sleeve Tee Shirt

Burgundy Shirt with White

Preston High School

Burgundy Hooded Jacket lined
With Grey Cotton. White Paw
on Back

Paw Hoodie Sweatshirt
Burgundy Hooded Sweatshirt
with White Panther Paw &
White Lettering

Pajama Pants
Burgundy & White Plaid Flannel
Pants with Burgundy Band
Containing Preston Name in
White Letters

Lil Preston Panther Bib
White Bib With Burgundy
Lettering & Paw Print

Lil Preston Panther Onesie
White Onesie with Burgundy
Lettering & Paw Print

Lil Preston Panther
Toddler Tee Shirt

White Tee Shirt with Burgundy
Lettering & Paw Print