Capital Projects

Our Latest Renovations at Preston High School


Last summer, and throughout this year Preston underwent several capital improvements. These updates included: (will get everything from Mario)

As part of a restoration project this summer, Preston High School will be launching its largest and most comprehensive fundraising efforts yet, the Preston High School’s Porch and Adopt a Column Campaign. This campaign will launch in July in response to structural damage sustained to the Porch due to erosion and continued weather related damage.

The porch has already undergone some transformation. We had to replace the portico columns because they were so badly deteriorated that one had fallen.

As you know graduation is held on the porch every year, it’s the perfect place to have lunch, or meet up with friends, or study.

Won’t you help restore the porch to its original beauty?
Click here to see how you can support the Preston High School’s Porch and Adopt a Column Campaign or if you would like to contribute or fund a new capital improvement, please contact Kimberly Branach at 718.863.9143 or