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Physical Education 9 Physical Education 10 Physical Education 11 Physical Education 12
Physical Fitness Physical Fitness Physical Fitness Physical Fitness

Course Catalog

Physical Education 9-12
Physical Education is required by the New York State Department of Education for graduation. Students take P.E. during all four years at Preston High School. Each class begins with a cardio piece (warm-up), basic stretching, and core strengthening exercises.  Next, instruction in the rules and techniques of a variety of sports is provided. Students then exercise through practice. Among the sports covered are volleyball, soccer, pickleball, touch football, Ultimate Frisbee and badminton.

Physical Fitness 9-12
This one-quarter credit course, required each year, includes exercises to encourage better health through movement by targeting arms, abs, and legs. Students also do a p90x workout and engage in circuit training to get their hearts pumping and their bodies moving.

This one-semester class is a NY State Department of Education requirement for graduation and is offered during sophomore year. The course covers a broad range of age-appropriate topics related to the physical, mental and emotional health of adolescents. Topics include proper nutrition, self-esteem issues, human sexuality, stress management, anger management, signs and symptoms of physical and emotional abuse, anxiety and depression, and substance abuse.