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English Department

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Welcome to the Preston High School English Department! The department operates under the philosophy that every PHS student should know the human condition and should develop the ability to make positive, moral choices through exposure to great literature and non-fiction. In that discovery process, we encourage our students to listen, think, speak, and write critically about important issues they read through novels, memoir, poetry, short stories, current events, and other important readings.

Academic Goals of the English Department

Preston women will read, write and communicate effectively; think critically; appreciate the aesthetic in literature and non-fiction; and grow as lifelong learners. To achieve those goals, they will participate in small and large group discussions of literature and non-fiction that foster recognition of cultural and ethnic diversity and activate thoughtful empathy. Our students will develop a positive self-concept and manifest personal responsibility through critical reading and writing skills. We enable our students to make connections between literary experiences and issues that touch their personal lives. We seek to motivate our students to read not just for information, but also for enjoyment now and in the future.


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