Dear Preston Parents and Guardians,

Welcome to the Preston Parents’ web site! Feel free to explore its many offerings. Information on our web site is frequently updated, so please check in regularly to stay informed about recent developments and activities involving your daughters.

Schooling is what happens inside the walls of the school, some of which is educational. Education happens everywhere, and it happens from the moment a child is born—and some people say before—until a person dies— Sarah Lawrence Lightfoot

Thank you for entrusting your daughter to us. We value our partnership with you as we empower young women to become compassionate leaders for change in the world through education, participation in community and service to others.

As a faculty and staff, we will do our best to challenge, nurture and encourage your daughter throughout her high school journey. Your daughter’s education will be enhanced not only through our efforts, but also through your involvement in the life of the school. We encourage you to become an active member of our parent team.

Importance of Parental Involvement

According to the research, as reported by Child Trends Data Bank:
Students with parents who are involved in their school tend to have fewer behavioral problems and better academic performance, and are more likely to complete secondary school than students whose parents are not involved in their school.

Parental involvement allows parents to monitor school and classroom activities, and to coordinate their efforts with teachers.

Research has found that students perform better in school if their fathers as well as their mothers are involved, regardless of whether the father lives with the student or not.

Home–School Communications

The following procedures are intended to facilitate the home/school partnership:

Meetings: See school calendar for specific dates.

  • Special meetings for specific grade levels are held in September:
    • Instant School Night for parents of Freshmen and Sophomores
    • Junior Parent Night
    • Senior Parent Night
  • A second Junior Parent Night is held in late February to review the course choices for Senior year prior to registration
  • Report card distribution and parent conferences with guidance counselors and teachers are held in November and February. Report cards are distributed to the student in her homeroom at the end of Quarter 3. Final report cards are distributed on the last Monday in June to parents whose accounts are in good standing.

Interim Reports (IRs) are distributed four times a year, approximately 4 weeks before the end of each academic quarter. During Quarters 1 and 3, IRs are distributed to all students in their homerooms; during Quarters 2 and 4, IRs are distributed to those students who are struggling or are at risk of failing. Teachers may also choose to distribute IRs to students as commendations. The IR must be signed by a parent/ guardian and returned to the homeroom mentors by the date listed on the school calendar. Failure to return a signed IR by the due date incurs 2 demerits per day.

Parent Bulletin: This monthly newsletter can be accessed from this website (see side bar to the right). The Bulletin provides updates; highlights student events, achievements, and family events; provides reminders about academic and co-curricular activities, and announces calendar changes.

Individual contacts: Communications between parents and teachers may occur by telephone, e-mail or scheduled face-to-face conferences. Since telephone messages are left on the teacher’s voicemail, please allow 24-48 hours for the teacher to return your call. If you wish to communicate via e-mail, please make sure the privacy settings on your e-mail account will allow a response from the teacher to reach your inbox.

PHS Shuttle Bus Service

(PHS) Shuttle Service for the 2016-2017

Preston is pleased to announce its private bus shuttle service to the Fordham Road (Harlem line) and Riverdale Avenue (Hudson line) Metro North Railroad (MNR) stops beginning in September 2015. This will be a paid service available to all PHS students. Our shuttle will have two (2) afternoon departures which will allow for participation in after school activities such as clubs and most athletic practices. Seating will be on a first come basis and there is no guarantee of availability for those who sign up late. The cost per rider will be $625 per semester, due in full by July 31st for the Fall semester and December 15th for the Spring session.

Shuttle Service for the 2016-2017 School Year

Shuttle Service Agreement & Registration for 2016-17

School Attendance Policy

School Absence Policy

Definition of legal absence : According to state regulations, student illness and death in the immediate family constitute legal absence.
Absence. While individual circumstances can interfere with a good attendance record, absence should not be treated lightly. If a student must be absent because of serious illness or serious personal or family emergency, the following procedures must be carried out:

A parent or legal guardian must notify the Attendance Officer (718-863-9134 x 110) by 8:00 on the morning of each absence and must send a note explaining the absence on the day the student returns to school. The note from her parent or legal guardian must include the following information:
a. the date that the letter is written
b. the date(s) of the absence
c. the reason for the absence d. the signature of the parent/guardian
Failure to call and write the note will result in detention(s) for the student. Phone calls are required to ensure the safety of students and to maintain an accurate account of all who are in the building in the event of an emergency. If the parent does not call in to report the student’s absence, the school cannot guarantee that an inquiry call home from the attendance officer will occur in a timely manner.

For a planned early dismissal, the parent must send a note to the Attendance Secretary the morning BEFORE the requested early dismissal so that it may be reviewed by the Principal in consultation with the Dean of Students. The note should state the time of the intended departure and, as appropriate, the intended time of return. The student must be in the lobby at the appointed time, and sign out in the main office before leaving the building for the appointment. Students will not be paged to the office if they fail to appear on time as that is disruptive of classes in session. It is the student’s responsibility to give advance notice to teachers of the classes she will miss. Parents should verify the note by a phone call to the attendance officer at ext. 110 on the morning of the intended early departure.

Students who are leaving school unexpectedly for health reasons must have a form signed by the nurse, by the teacher of the class she is leaving, and by all teachers whose classes she will miss that day, to give to the Attendance Officer before signing out for the day.

In the following instances, a medical excuse must accompany the signed parent note:

  1. The absent student is on “Attendance Probation.”
  2. The absence is extended (5 consecutive days or more).
  3. There is a pattern of absenteeism.
  4. Absence is on an exam day. (Refer to page 21, A 6)
  5. See Physical Education policy sheet for medical excuse requirement.

Temporary Residence Information: When parents are out of town, it is very important that the school be notified of the name, address, and telephone number of the person the student is residing with temporarily; an emergency number for that period of time should be supplied if different from the data on file.

Attendance and College Visits: There is no substitute for on-site visits to college campuses. Sophomores and Juniors are strongly encouraged to visit colleges at vacation time, both during the year and in the summer. They should also use on-line services to identify colleges with the desired profile or to get a good sense of the available options. Seniors are also advised to use school holidays and vacation time for college visits.  

Any absence from school, regardless of its being “excused,” must still be recorded as an absence for state records and may affect your grade in a course and/or your eligibility for Preston’s Honor Roll.

As further evidence of the value that Preston High School places on personal responsibility, another of our Middle States action plan objectives is to significantly reduce student tardiness.

Tardiness: Students are expected to arrive promptly to school and to each class, study period, assembly, and any assigned activity. Lateness disrupts classroom instruction and interferes with the learning process, including appropriate work attitudes and behaviors. A student is tardy if she is not seated in homeroom and classes when the beginning bell rings. Students who are late for school incur two demerits per lateness; students who are late for class must accept the penalties stated in the teacher’s policy sheets.

School Uniform Policy

School uniforms are ordered directly from Liebmans.( Liebmans representatives are on campus each semester to assist students with their uniform needs. They are also present at Freshman Registration to help incoming families place their uniform orders. Select uniform items, including P.E. uniforms, are also available from our on-campus bookstore. Preston High School’s required uniform consists of the following:


Students must wear:

  • The uniform skirt, unrolled at the waist, no shorter than fingertip length.In issues of skirt length, the Dean’s decision is final.
  • OR the Preston grey uniform pants.
  • In Sept. /Oct. and May/June the official Preston summer skirt may be worn with the short-sleeved Preston polo shirt. White, gray or burgundy socks or natural stockings ONLY may be worn with the summer uniform.
  • A fully buttoned, CLEAN white oxford blouse in one of two styles: hemmed bottom or elastic bottom.
  • OR the long or short-sleeved uniform polo shirt. The polo shirt may also be worn under the uniform sweater in the winter.
  • OR the Preston turtleneck may be worn under the sweater in colder months.
  • Oversize polo shirts/blouses may NOT be worn. No shirts of any kind other than the official Preston turtleneck or Physical Education shirt may be visible under the blouse.
  • The official burgundy sweater. Students in grade 10-12 must wear the cardigan or the pullover.
  • Only the pullover sweater is permitted for 9th grade students
  • Solid-colored knee socks: burgundy, white or the shade of gray that matches the skirt.
  • Solid-colored stockings/tights: burgundy, white, gray (must match the skirt), or natural.
  • Shoes: solid black, navy blue, brown, gray or burgundy cut below the ankle. If a student wishes to wear name-brand shoes, she may choose the following: Eastland solid black, navy blue, brown or burgundy shoes.
  • -Boots are not allowed.
  • Sneakers: CLEAN solid white or solid black (no contrasting white or other color trim or laces) and cut below the ankle.Gray sneakers are another option for the winter uniform.If a student wishes to wear name-brand sneakers, see list distributed with August return-to-school mailing.
  • All clothing/backpacks/calculators/books must be marked with the student's name.


  • The official maroon Preston sweatshirt may be worn over the uniform blouse or poloon FRIDAYS ONLY, EXCEPT on days when formal assemblies are scheduled.

Students not in proper uniform may be denied access to class or school until they are in full uniform. Each student is required to put her name on labels in the clothing for identification purposes. All parts of the uniform must be clean and well pressed at all times.

If for any valid reason the uniform cannot be worn in its entirety, the student is still expected to be dressed appropriately and wear the uniform pieces she can.(This is not a personal dress down day). A note from a parent or guardian explaining why the uniform is not worn is required. She must obtain a uniform pass from the Dean of Students before reporting to her first class.

The following items are NOT acceptable school attire and MAY NOT BE WORN AT ANY TIME INCLUDING DRESS DOWN DAYS. This list is not to be considered either complete or exclusive:

The Principal or Dean of Students may add to this list at anytime.

Students who violate this policy will be required to remove the offending item or will be sent home to change into more appropriate attire.Any class work that the student misses because she was sent home cannot be made up.

  • Students may not wear:

  • Bare legs are inappropriate and not permitted at any time in school.
  • PEDS AND THIGH HIGHS Hooded sweatshirts, personal sweaters or sweatshirts with the school uniform at any time during the school day.
  • Long johns, sweatpants, spandex, footless tights, leggings, leg warmers, flannel pants, etc. under the uniform skirt at any time.
  • Shorts of ANY LENGTH
  • Pants of any kind that have writing on the seat of the pants.
  • High heels, flip-flops, jellies, clogs, sandals, crocs, open shoes, athletic sandals, and slippers backless or platform shoes of any kind may not be worn.
  • Dresses that are too short, too tight, too low cut, too sheer or that expose shoulders, midriff, back, bra straps or backs are strictly.
  • Excessive jewelry as defined by the school may include but the list is not limited to: large earrings, large necklaces, “Dog collars”, Link chains, Wide headbands, bandannas
    sunglasses, hats (including baseball hats) or head covering.
  • No piercings other than the student’s ear. This includes tongue, nose and eye piercing.
  • Visible tattoos.
  • Nails whose length interferes with the use of keyboard, computer, and/or adds risk to participation in Physical Education classes
  • Dyed hair (even temporarily dyed hair) that is an unnatural color(s).
  • Fad haircuts, shaved heads or feathers, or any other unprofessional haircut.
  • No ripped, frayed, torn, cut, or dirty clothing, including jeans and the parts of the uniform
  • The penalty for being out of uniform for any reason without a valid uniform pass is an automatic detention.

Students are strongly advised against bringing or wearing expensive jewelry to school.Makeup should be tastefully applied.

Special Events Attire:Appropriate length dresses or dress slacks and modest tops should be worn on such special occasions as evening performances, Ring Night, Honor Society inductions, Academic Honors Convocation, Sports Night, etc.While certain shoes (high heels, platforms) are not appropriate for the school day, they may be worn during special events. Dress-down attire is not acceptable for these events nor are any items that are ordinarily not permitted, e.g. leggings with short blouses or low-cut, form fitting dresses, or shorts.

Out-of-Uniform Dress Code: (Dress-up and Dress-down Days):

  • The dress code is publicly announced before dress-down days.Clothing that is torn, frayed, form-fitting or inappropriate for school is prohibited.
  • On Dress Down Days students may wear: boots, flannel pants, personal sweaters, hooded sweatshirts, approved club attire.

Student Absence Note

What to do if Your Daughter is Ill



As an academic community, Preston values consistent attendance and punctuality. To demonstrate this relationship, perfect attendance awards are presented at graduation, and at the Fall Academic Awards assembly. Absence for any reason from all or part of any day disqualifies a student from a perfect attendance award. 


1. A parent or legal guardian must call school: (718-863-9134 x 110) by 8:00 on the morning of each day that your daughter is sick. 

2. On the day that she returns to school, you must send in a note explaining the reason she was absent. Please include the following: 

a. the date that the letter is written 

b. the date(s) of the absence 

c. the reason for the absence 

d. the signature of the parent/guardian. 


1. The school will contact the parent or guardian to inform them that the student is too ill to stay in school. 

2. A student must have a form signed by the nurse, by the teacher of the class she is leaving, and by all teachers whose classes she will miss that day. She must hand the form into the Main Office as she signs out for the day. 


1. The parent must send in a note THE DAY BEFORE. The note should state the time the students will leave school and the time she will if return, if applicable. 

2. The student must hand the note into the Main Office and pick up an Early Departure Form that her teachers must sign if she is going to miss their class the next day. 


4. The student must hand in the Early Departure Form signed by her teachers to the Main Office. 

5. The student must be in the lobby at the appointed time, and sign out in the Main Office before leaving the building. 

Information regarding the consequences if the procedures listed above are not followed are listed in the Student Handbook.