Student Life

Welcome Prestonites!

Student life at Preston High School encompasses much more than class work and homework. It’s about finding an identity, finding a passion and finding a purpose. The PHS campus teems with life from early in the morning until late at night. Students meet up with friends for breakfast in the cafeteria, congregate in the Computer Lab to print out an assignment, or sit with friends in the hallways just to chat before classes start for the day. After school, co-curricular clubs and organizations meet, sports teams practice and compete, and dramatic and musical productions rehearse. Every student also engages in Christian Service at home, at school and out in the greater community over the course of their four years at PHS. Leadership opportunities abound in Student Council and in our Athletic and Co-Curricular programs. Most Prestonites participate in at least one of the activities described in the links to the right; many are involved in several different organizations. All these activities play an integral role in student life at our school. There’s something for everyone here!