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Preston High School is dedicated to keeping up-to-date on its technology. We currently have two fully equipped computer labs, each of which has 28 computers for student use, in addition to the teacher stations in each lab. Because we lease most of our computers, we are able to update them every 3 to 4 years, assuring that our students are exposed to the most recent technological developments. In addition to the 56 computers in our Computer Labs, we have a bank of 10 computers available for student use in our Library. Additional computers for student use are distributed throughout our buildings.

Additionally, we have 20 interactive Smart Boards installed in classrooms throughout our buildings, and in our new science labs, and the vast majority of our teachers have received specialized training on how to integrate this technology into their lessons.

Every classroom is provided with an audio-visual tower consisting of a computer, television monitor or Smart Board. Wireless access and closed-circuit TV is available in every classroom and the Library as well.

Members of the Msgr. Thomas Preston Chapter of the National Honor Society research a current event topic through their News and Views program and submit a video of their news program to the NY Archdiocesan Eddie Awards competition. Recent topics have included the college admissions and selection process, domestic violence, the use and potential abuse of “study drugs,” and health care reform. Preston’s entries have received awards for their research, debate, interview, and use of graphics.


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